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Beard Shaping Guide

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Beard Shaping Guide

Every beard is unique, whether it's the type of hair or the shape of the face. Finding the right style and shape of beard to work best with both of these can be a challenge for some. 

Finding The Best Beard Style For Your Face Shape

There isn't one set of rules that can be followed to have the perfect beard.  Some guys can grow thick, full facial hair, others grow thinner, and sometimes patchy beards. Finding a beard style that's going to work with your hair type and face shape isn't always easy. 

Oval Faces

With oval being one of the most common face shapes, it's also one of the most univeral shapes for beard styles.  Keeping stray hairs and whiskers tamed is more important for this shape because they're much more noticeable when unkept.  Longer beards should hair also have fuller sides and cheeks, and shaping your beard to a point so your face doesn't look too long. For keeping a full beard at an even in length, invest in a decent beard trimmer that comes with clip-on guards and keep your beard softened and hydrated with a Beard Oil.

Square Faces

Square faces usually look their best with a trimmed or tapered beard with less hair on the cheeks and neck and more on the chin to give the face the look of a little more length. Keeping the neck line of jaw trimmed and clean goes a long way. The beard styles that fit this face shape best include anything from a full goatee to a chin strap. Whether it's trimmed and tapered stubble, a full beard or a box beard, keep these beard styles maintained with one of our Beard Creams. With ingredients like cocoa and shea butter it will give a very gentle hold while softening and hydrating the hair and the skin underneath it.

Round Faces

It seems that a lot of guys with round faces don't want to show them, or want to give the illusion of a different face shape. Choosing a tapered beard style that's longer on the bottom of the jaw line and chin will give the look of an oval face. Keeping the sideburns, cheeks, and neck in check and is a big thing for maintaining this look. With rounder faces often growing more hair to style them differently, keeping the strays trimmed or styled and avoiding them from poking out in every direction takes a bit more effort but is well worth it in the end. Longer hair on the face usually means wanting a bit more hold to keep a style or shape, that's where a Beard Balm will come in handy. A little bit of beeswax with natural butters will hydrate and soften the hair while keeping those strays down with just a little hold.

Long Faces

Longer face shapes often want to keep a more squared and tamed look to not make the face look any longer then it is. Keeping fuller hair on the cheeks and sideburns and trimmed a little below the chin or jawline. Knowing where to keep length in the beard and where to trim is key for this look. 

When all else fails, check out our list of retailers and barbershops, they can always give great recommendations and keep your beard at it's best!


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